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AlumNews - May 2015 - Council Reflections


I had the opportunity to attend the Fuller Forum 2015. It was so wonderful to return to the Fuller campus, connect with old friends, and listen to some of the finest theological minds of our time.

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AlumNews - May 2015 - Community Reflection


The CCC was originally founded in 2005 by five local pastors at the suggestion of the former superintendent of the Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD)

AlumNews - November 2015


In 1965 the eyes of the world were on Pasadena because the Jet Propulsion Laboratory there had just taken the first photos of another planet (Mars) from space with its Mariner 5 spacecraft. However below the radar that year something else happened in Pasadena with greater significance for the kingdom of God on earth—the founding of the School of World Mission (SWM), now the School of Intercultural Studies (SIS).

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