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Fellow Alums,

One year ago I walked across the stage at the Pasadena commencement ceremony to receive an MAT degree. Today, on behalf of the Fuller Alumni and Church Relations team, I’m pleased to congratulate the recent graduates from across Fuller’s eight campuses on the completion of their degrees. Please join us in welcoming them into their new status as Fuller alums! As with all alums, we hope that they don't just leave Fuller in the past now that their courses are done, but rather that they allow us to journey with them into the next stages of their lives and ministries.

We remind them of the value in staying connected with other alums, whether for the sake of friendship, professional referrals, church recommendations, or career networking. Our team also works hard to help alums keep in touch with the Fuller community, offering valuable resources and information -- including access to a brand-new online alumni directory that will be launched later this summer!

We tell these new grads to be ready to hear more from us in the coming months. And if they don’t hear from us, to please reach out with updated contact information -- because we want to stay in conversation with them throughout their journey and aid them whenever we can. And the same goes for all alums. The Fuller community needs to hear the voices of all alums as we continue to seek wisdom and serve God with vocational purpose.

Be sure to read these stories about recent grads as well as a reflection from Janice Tsao, a new member of the Fuller Alumni Council. Also visit our new Alumni Video Gallery to see and hear former students talk about their Fuller experiences.

And join us in welcoming these new 2014 graduates to the Fuller alumni community!

Rob Bethke earned a MAT in Theology and the Arts through the Brehm Center at Fuller and is also a filmmaker when he is not developing online communication pieces for Fuller alumni. He is a producer on the Praying The Hours film project as well as producing/directing a documentary on North Korea called Land of Kim. He founded United World Media in 2011 to produce documentaries focused on social justice issues. Rob lives in Altadena, CA with his wife and three daughters.

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