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Listening to Dr. Labberton’s charge to the graduating class at the 65th annual Fuller commencement in Pasadena brought back many fond memories and feelings of deep gratitude to be part of the Fuller community. More than ten years have passed since I walked across the stage at Lake Avenue Church where Fuller conferred upon me a Master of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies. Following that meaningful milestone, my journey has been filled with many adventures – some disguised as unwelcome intrusions, while others were welcome invitations. However, both led to deeper places of belonging, being, and serving. As I reflected on a few notable ones – working at a local church, participating in an international relief effort, and working with the homeless, I realized at a deeper level how my time at Fuller significantly shaped and equipped me for those experiences.

As I face a new chapter in my journey, I was also encouraged to be reminded that there are still many seasons ahead filled with opportunities to choose life by deepening my roots in the soil of God’s love and call. These kinds of short but nourishing exhortations are what become bread for the journey. Many thanks to Fuller faculty and staff that continue to inspire students and alumni in our pursuit of the deeper places of God’s love and call.

Janice Tsao graduated from Fuller's School of Intercultural Studies with a MAICS degree in 2003 and currently serves on the Fuller Alumni Council.

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