Ash Wednesday Devotional 2015

Dear Friend,

Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of our Lenten journey. In All-Seminary Chapel on our Pasadena campus today, our community came forward to receive ashes in the shape of the Cross on our foreheads as an act of humility.

The ashes remind us of where we come from, who we are, and where we are going. We are admitting to ourselves what we know is true: We are frail creatures, made from earth and destined to return to earth, yet also made in the image of God and destined for God. We are dust, yes, but also beloved, shaped by God’s love, shaped by the breath of God that continually fills our lungs and our souls with life.

May I leave you with this blessing for Ash Wednesday:

Will you meet us
in the ashes
will you meet us
in the ache
and show your face
within our sorrow
and offer us
your word of grace.

That you are life
within the dying
that you abide
within the dust
that you are what
survives the burning
that you arise
to make us new.

And in our aching
you are breathing
and in our weeping
you are here
within the hands
that bear your blessing
enfolding us
within your love.

-Jan Richardson

Yours in humility and trust,
Laura Harbert, Dean of Chapel and Spiritual Formation

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