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Ministry has its seasons. There are moments of unexpected joy. But there are also times of great difficulty, with burdens too heavy for anyone to bear alone. More often than not, ministry features both at once. Elements exists as a resource for ministry leaders who are serving both in and out of season. It doesn't seek to say everything, just something. In doing so, our hope is that it meets you in your joys and your struggles, your triumphs and your failures.  Subscribe below to receive this monthly email resource.

Elements May 2014 Thumbnail

Elements May 2014


Whether you are in the first, second, or third “third” of your life, the words of Jesus remain relevant: “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for of such, is the kingdom of heaven.” This admonishment to his disciples must also include his children who are in their later years of life.

Elements April 2014 Thumbnail

Elements April 2014


'Retirement' is a word without substance. What does it mean? How do you think about the rest of your life? Recently I read an article profiling Millennials. One of the characteristics listed was 'entrepreneurment'.

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Elements February 2014


It's a good thing we as Christians are in the world but not of it. We can stand firm knowing that our ideas are right, our disagreements nonexistent, and our spiritual heritage is unchanging and somehow new every morning.

01-2014 Thumbnail - Staying Fresh

Staying Fresh


Those who serve the church in its many forms must never stop learning. The responsibilities to care for people, to preach the Word, to nurture communities, to extend out in mission demand that we stay fresh.

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Hap-Happiest Season?


In terms of American sentimentality, yes, this is probably true. But there are some groups of people who might choose different adjectives to describe this season. I’m thinking particularly of retail workers and pastors.

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Leading Churches at the Convergence of Worship, Preaching, and Justice


Tim Dearborn, Director of the Ogilvie Institute of Preaching discusses the impact of Micah Groups & the Ogilvie Institute. How often have we heard in calls to worship "Just leave the worries of the world at the door"? Somehow we act like the needs of the world and the Presence of God don't mix. How few prayers of intercession have we heard on the issues that plague our world: immigation, domestic and urban violence, the funding of education, the cost of health care, or changes in the climate?

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