What does it mean to be a creative, wise, courageous leader as an Asian American Christian? How can you sensitively and effectively reach an emerging generation of Asian Americans amidst formidable global challenges? How does the gospel engage Asian American pop culture, social justice concerns, and church drama?

These are the kinds of questions that drive Fuller's new, first-of-its-kind emphasis in Asian American Contexts. You will learn from faculty who are renowned scholars in diverse arenas of the Asian American experience and innovative theologian-practitioners who apply their expertise for kingdom purposes.

Whatever your calling, immigrant generation, or ethnic heritage -- and whether you are an Asian American yourself or are called to minister to Asian Americans -- our courses, spiritual formation groups, and individual mentoring will help you grow and be shaped theologically, spiritually, and vocationally by God's disruptive grace.

Featured Faculty

AAC-LeeDaniel D. Lee was appointed director of Fuller’s Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry in 2016 and assistant professor of theology and Asian American ministry in 2017. Serving in various leadership roles since 2010, he has been the key force behind the center and the Asian American Initiative before that. He helped develop many of Fuller’s Asian American courses and programs, teaching at the adjunct level for two years and currently directing the Certificate in Asian American Contexts program. Lee is author of the book Double Particularity: Karl Barth, Contextuality, and Asian American Theology (Fortress, 2017) as well as several articles. He serves as contributing editor for Cultural Encounters: A Journal for the Theology of Culture and editorial board member for Prophetic Voices: API Christian Perspectives for Church and Society. He is a member of the Association for Asian American Studies, American Academy of Religion, Karl Barth Society of North America, and Association of Asian/North American Theological Educators.
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Alumni Perspective


Dan Stringer, MSW

MDiv 2016
Getting involved with the Asian American Center has been one of the highlights of my time at Fuller. Not only did I grow in appreciation for my heritage, the Asian American Center helped me find my voice in conversations about race and theology where Asian American perspectives are often missing. Completing the Asian American Contexts emphasis has deepened my appreciation for the complexity and diversity of Asian American experience, where stereotypes like “model minority” and “perpetual foreigner” continue harming the body of Christ. Whether you are an American of Asian descent or not, I highly recommend taking advantage of any course taught by Ken Fong or Daniel Lee.

Curriculum Requirements

To earn an emphasis in Asian American Contexts,** you must fulfill the emphasis requirements (16 units) listed below:

Required Courses (8 units)

PM544 Missional Leadership in Asian American Contexts
TM528 Asian American Identity and Ministry

Choose Two (8 units):

CN504 Family Therapy/Pastoral Counseling
CN567 Spiritual Formation and the Twelve Steps
ET543 The Theology and Ethics of Martin Luther King Jr
ET545 Christian Ethics in Asian American Contexts
FS500 Family Systems Dynamics
MR519 Christian Engagement with People of Other Faiths
MR541 Christ on the China Road
MH526 Christianity in China, Korea, and Japan
MH530 History: Christianity in Asia
NS563 Race and Christian Identity in the New Testament
PR532 Transformational Preaching in Asian American Contexts
ST544 Asian and Asian American Theologies

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