Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete my entire degree at Fuller Orange County?

Yes. We are a fully accredited, degree-granting campus, offering four master's-level programs. We also offer two certificate programs.

When do classes meet?

Most of our classes meet in the evenings or on weekends, enabling students to earn a degree while keeping their commitments to work, family and ministry. See our Course Schedule for details.

How do I know what courses to take?

Once you're accepted to Fuller, you will be assigned an academic advisor, who will help ensure that your courses align with your sense of vocational call, as well as your degree requirements.

If I enroll at Fuller Orange County, may I take classes at other Fuller campuses?

Yes. Once you've been accepted to Fuller you will be able to take classes at any of our campuses (or online) without reapplying.

Is it possible to talk with someone about degree options?

Yes! We would love to talk with you about your sense of call, and how studying at Fuller will equip you for ministry. Contact Alix Riley, our admissions counselor, to schedule an appointment. You can reach her by email at and or by phone at 949-975-0775 or 1-800-541-6570.

Can I take classes without enrolling in a degree program?

Yes. You may apply for these non-degree options:

  • Limited Enrollment Student - This option allows you to take up to six classes for credit without pursuing a degree or a certificate.
  • Certificate Programs - A certificate program allows you to take six classes to complete a personalized short-term, non-degree program.
  • Audit - Audit students may take classes for personal growth and learning, but they will not receive academic credit. Courses you audit may not be applied toward a degree program.
Note: A bachelor's degree from an accredited institution is required to apply for any of these non-degree options.

Is financial aid available to Fuller Orange County students?

Yes. To learn more about these options, please visit the Student Financial Services page.

If you have questions that we haven't covered here, or want to talk to someone about your sense of call, please contact us. We'd love to talk with you!
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(800) 235-2222
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