Individual Adult Therapy

Adult TherapyFPFS offers services to assist individuals experiencing various symptoms and problems. These include but are not limited to relationship difficulties, depression, anxiety, trauma, and symptoms/problems that often accompany diagnoses such as addictive and eating disorders.

During therapy, you will typically meet weekly, one-on-one, with one of our trained therapists. Some of our therapists are licensed Clinical Psychologists or licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. Many of our t herapists have already earned an advanced degree and continue to work at FPFS to gain additional experience prior to licensure. Most of our therapists are graduate student trainees pursuing either their doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology or their master’s degree in Marital and Family Therapy at the Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. All prelicensed therapists are under the supervision of a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and/or a licensed Psychologist.

Your therapy fee will vary by the expertise, education, and experience of your therapist. Fees for licensed therapists tend to be higher; fees for our student trainees are lower.

You may find these links useful for helping you understand individual therapy and how it works:

Understanding Psychotherapy, The American Psychological Association

Psychotherapy: Myths vs. Reality, The American Psychological Association

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