About the Travis Research Institute

The Travis Research Institute (TRI) exists to provide the leadership, synergy, administrative support, and infrastructure necessary for faculty, students, and postdoctoral fellows in the School of Psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary to carry out psychological and interdisciplinary research.

TRI was named in honor of Dr. Lee Edward Travis, the School of Psychology’s founding dean. Dr. Travis was a brilliant pioneering experimental physiological psychologist, speech pathologist, and clinical psychologist. TRI strives to embody Travis’s legacy of empirical research and scholarship in psychology today.

TRI is committed to fostering interdisciplinary research in the relationships between social systems, environmental situations, personality, mental and affective states, cognitive processes, neurobiological functions, and spiritual and religious states and practices.

Lee Edward Travis

The Travis Research Institute is the embodiment of Lee Edward Travis's legacy of empirical research and scholarship in psychology.

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