An Exploration of Shame, Worship, and Compassion in a Community-Based Group

Principal Investigator: Alexis D. Abernethy, PhD,
Student Co-Investigators: Gillian D. Grannum, MA MDiv, Byron Rivera,
Student Investigators: Heather Jones, Irina Rivera

Project Description

This research is part of a larger Templeton World Charities Foundation project directed by Dr. David Allen in Nassau, Bahamas. This project seeks to explore how engaging in music and spiritual practices within a compassion-focused community-based group may be related to spirituality and emotions. The central research question is to explore the associations among spiritual practices and emotions in a compassion-focused group. It is expected that engagement in spiritual practices will be associated with fewer challenging emotions (e.g., shame, anxiety, hostility, and depressed feelings) and increased spirituality (forgiveness, hope, spiritual well-being, and gratitude). It is also expected that both the group process (as it facilitates a sense of inclusion) and the shared ritual practice of spirituality through music and other expressions may be associated with participants’ experience of forgiveness, hope, spiritual well-being, and gratitude.
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