Measurement Invariance Analysis of the AARRSI Measure Across Men and Women

Principal Investigators: Sung H. Kim, PhD
Student Investigator: David Pyo

Project Description

We analyzed for gender bias in items of the Asian American (AA) Racism-Related Stress Inventory (Liang, Li, & Kim, 2004) using the measurement invariance testing framework in multi-group confirmatory factor analysis (MGCFA) of categorical variables. Participants (n = 634) were all AA adults (18-68 years). The results indicated that the two latent constructs of the AARRSI functioned very similarly across Asian American men and women.


Kim, S.-H., Hwang Koo, J., Ock, S., & Chen, G. (2013, August). Measurement invariance analysis of the AARRSI measure across men and women. Poster session presented at the annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, HI.


Strict measurement invariance, and invariance of factor means and factor covariances were held across gender. Results indicate the strength of the AARRSI. The study has limitations: Only 26 of the original 29 items were used. Additionally, chi-square difference test for thresholds invariance model was significant and, although the test is known to be sensitive, requires further investigation.

Tags: Sung Kim
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