Music Worship Leader Project

Principal Investigator: Alexis D. Abernethy, PhD
Student Investigators:
Kevin Kurian, MA, Brittany Rice, MA, Gillian Grannum, MA, MDiv, Heather Jones, MA

Project Description

This pilot study expands on questions from the earlier study and focuses on the experiences of the local worship leader in their corporate worship setting. This study seeks to understand from worship leaders those factors that contribute to their spiritual engagement in leading worship and greater attunement by congregations. This study examines how worship leaders’ spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and bodily engagement might influence parishioners' spiritual experience.

Abernethy, A. D., Kurian, K. R., Rice, B. E., Grannum, G. D., Rold, L., & Jones, H. (2015). Corporate worship and spiritual formation: Insights from worship leaders. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 34(3), 266-279.

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