Program Evaluation of Care Corps International

Principal Investigator: Dr. Cynthia Eriksson

Project Description

Care Corps International is a faith-based organization that provides trauma and crisis care to pastors, relief workers, and children in communities affected by war, violence, and disaster in Gulu, Uganda. They fill an essential need by providing training in psychosocial services for children who have experienced the traumas of war and displacement. Members of the Headington Lab began to observe Care Corp’s model of programs firsthand in Uganda in December 2010 and December 2011. Focus groups were conducted during the first trip to identify a set of operationalized outcomes of child well-being relevant to the cultural context. Care Corps values the concept of hope as an important quality to develop in children living in IDP camps. During the second trip, these locally-identified understandings of well-being and hope in children were used to facilitate a process evaluation of the Care Corps model in Uganda. Since December, 2011, one PsyD doctoral dissertation has project has come out of this study. Data for this project has been fully collected, and the project has entered the analysis and writing stage.
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