Stress and Wellbeing in Migrant Children and Families in China

Principal Investigator: Joey Fung, PhD
Gabriel Qi, Maria Wong, Ph.D. (Stevenson University), Ping Yao, PsyD. (Peking University, Beijing)

Project Description

There are currently an estimated 230 million migrant workers and 20 million migrant children in Chinese cities. Migrant families do not enjoy the rights and privileges in the city and, in many ways, live as second-class citizens (e.g., migrant children are not allowed to go to mainstream public schools and have to attend migrant schools). What are the unique stressors that migrant children face and how do they cope with their stress? How do child (e.g., temperament), parental (e.g., parental support) and contextual (e.g., social discrimination) characteristics influence children’s perceptions of self, academic achievement and peer relationships?

Tags: Joey Fung
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