The Raising My Child Study: The Tiger Mother Premise

Principal Investigators: Joey Fung, PhD
Anna Lau, Ph.D. (UCLA), Heejung Park, Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr College), Qiaobing Wu, Ph.D. (Chinese University of Hong Kong), Chao Fang, Ph.D. (University of Science and Technology, Beijing)
Student Investigator:
Joel Jin, M.A.

Project Description

This one-year longitudinal study examines the prospective associations between maternal psychological control and child emotional and academic outcomes in the Chinese diaspora (Hong Kong, Beijing, and Los Angeles). Based on theories of social change, how may levels of Chinese parents use of psychological control differ across the three societal contexts? To what extent may differences in application and consequences of parental control be explained by the different social economic conditions?


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Fung, J., Ho, L, Louie, J., L., Martinez, J., & Lau, A. (2010). Directions in understanding, preventing, and treating disruptions in parenting and child behavior problems in Asian American families. In F. Leong, L. Juang, D.B. Qin, H.E. Fitzgerald (Eds.) Asian American and Pacific Islander Children and Mental Health Handbook, Volume 2: Prevention and Treatment. California: Praeger.

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