The Spiritual Mindfulness Study

Principal Investigator: Joey Fung, Ph.D.

Collaborators: Laura Harbert, Ph.D., Ben Houltberg, Ph.D., Chris Perez, Ph.D. (University of La Verne), Zandra Wagoner, Ph.D. (University of La Verne), Tracy Lo, Ph.D. (China Graduate School of Theology)

Project Description

Despite deep roots in Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, mindfulness meditation has been researched almost exclusively in the U.S. within Western psychological frameworks. What are the differences between Western psychological, Christian, and Buddhist conceptualizations and practices of meditation? Can the benefits of mindfulness meditation be enhanced when it is reintegrated with its spiritual traditions? How may cultural values impact the effects of meditation? Funded by a generous grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF)
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