Spirituality and Health

Spiritual Experiences in Worship: Cultural, Theological, and Psychological Perspectives

1/12/16 in Spirituality and Health

The project was a pilot study that sought to clarify our understanding of Christian worship for the laity and its expression in ethnic and denominational domains in addition to its relationship with health-related outcomes.

Music Worship Leader Project

1/13/16 in Spirituality and Health

This pilot study expands on questions from the earlier study and focuses on the experiences of the local worship leader in their corporate worship setting.

Forgiveness and Spiritual Distress in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting

1/13/16 in Spirituality and Health

This study seeks to examine the nature and possible impact of forgiveness (i.e., interpersonal, self, and divine) on the spiritual functioning of newly admitted patients at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services.

An Exploration of Shame, Worship, and Compassion in a Community-Based Group

1/13/16 in Spirituality and Health

This project seeks to explore how engaging in music and spiritual practices within a compassion-focused community-based group may be related to spirituality and emotions.

Understanding Cultural Factors in Cancer Screening

1/13/16 in Spirituality and Health

We are seeking to identify religiously based illness perceptions of cancer screening and examine the associations among religious factors, fatalism, illness perceptions, and colorectal and prostate cancer screening behavior.

Reducing the Burden of Breast Cancer among African-American and Latina Survivors

1/13/16 in Spirituality and Health

This archival project through the City of Hope examines the role of religiousness, locus of control, social support, and quality of life in breast cancer survivors.

Exploring the Role of Spirituality in the Treatment of Eating Disorders

1/13/16 in Spirituality and Health

This team seeks to explore the relations among spirituality (including religious comfort and strain, forgiveness, and asceticism), familial factors, personality characteristics, body image, affective and cognitive thought processes, and eating disorder symptoms in patients who are struggling with eating disorders.

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