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Fuller in the Media

Listed below are some of the ways Fuller and its faculty have been quoted, referenced, and represented in various media. If you belong to the media and would like to request an interview, please contact Fred Messick at 626-584-5367 or 626-695-6141, or email him at 


St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “Catholics take their faith door-to-door in St. Louis area,” by Tim Townsend, 04/22/13
Dr. Cecil M. Robeck is quoted in this article about evangelization. He says that newer denominations are more accustomed to evangelization, and gives his opinion on what the Catholic church is doing in regards to sharing faith.

South Coast Today, “Our View: Shifting demographics,” 04/19/13
Professor Kara E. Powell is mentioned in this opinion piece about young Americans and religious preference.

Colorado Springs Independent, “Colorado evangelical leaders head to Washington, D.C,” by Chet Hardin, 04/18/13
Fuller Colorado Springs Director Will Stoller-Lee is mentioned in this article about immigration reform.

Patheos Blogs, “The Future of Evangelicalism,” 04/09/13 
Patheos Blogs lists Gordon College’s “primary contributors”—evangelical experts who will participate in a series of discussions from May-November, 2013, on evangelicalism—in which Richard Mouw is mentioned.   

Associated Baptist Press, “Rick Warren’s son dies,” by Bob Allen, 04/08/13 
This article chronicles Southern Baptist megachurch pastor, Purpose Driven Life author, and Fuller alum Rick Warren informing church members his youngest son had committed suicide through a letter on April 6.   

Pasadena Sun, “Number of homeless in Pasadena lowest in more than a decade, by Joe Piasecki, 04/05/13 
This article mentions the number of people living on the streets of Pasadena is the lowest in more than a decade, according to results of an annual city survey.  Pasadena’s count is led by the nonprofit research group Institute for Urban Initiatives, based at Fuller Seminary.   

Evangelicals Now, “Dr. Ralph Martin, 1925-2013,” 04/03/13 
This article highlights Dr. Ralph Martin, well known as a New Testament scholar, who passed away February 25, at the age of 87, in Southport after a two-year battle with cancer., “Collegiate Field Tournament pits six Pasadena institutions in quirky contest,” by Laura Monteros, 04/01/13  
This article highlights the city of Pasadena’s annual Intercollegiate Challenge Tournament, which includes several of Pasadena’s academic institutions, including Fuller Seminary.    


Las Vegas Review-Journal, “Easter Sunday sermons can be a challenge for ministers,” by John Przybys, 03/30/13 
According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the familiarity of the Easter story can pose some difficulty for pastor’s wanting to utilize a fresh perspective.  The Rev. Kurt Fredrickson, assistant professor of pastoral ministry at Fuller, provided some comments on the situation.   

Redlands Daily Facts, Roman Catholics celebrate Easter, Pope, 03/30/13 
According to Redlands Daily Facts, given Pope Francis’ more ascetic lifestyle, many Catholics are hopeful he is the right man to represent the poor demographic, which is often overlooked. Juan Martinez, associate provost for divinity and international programs at Fuller Seminary, said the pope's work on behalf of the poor provides an example of the Christian faith to believers and nonbelievers alike. 

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Lutheran, Presbyterian congregations find new life as one,” by Dave Datema, 03/30/13  
Mel Robeck, professor of church history and ecumenics, is quoted in this article on a combined Presbyterian-Lutheran congregation in Milwaukee.  The story mentions mergers across denominational lines are unusual, and “Good Shepherd Trinity” in Milwaukee is among the first of its kind in southeastern Wisconsin.      

Associated Baptist Press, “Ethicist Glen Stassen wins BWA award,” by Bob Allen, 03/06/13 
According to the Associated Baptist Press, Glen Stassen, the Lewis B. Smedes Professor of Christian Ethics at Fuller, has been named the 2013 recipient of the Baptist World Alliance Denton and Janice Lotz Human Rights Award. 

Fox News, “How to prevent cheating in your marriage” 03/05/13 
James Furrow, the Freed chair of marital and family therapy at the Fuller Theological Seminary School of Psychology, is co-author of the study and is quoted, saying, "Consumption of pornography might lead to increases in specific types of sexual behaviors, including anonymous sex." 

Patheos Blogs, “TV Worth Watching: “The Bible” Premieres March 3,” by Kathy Schiffer 03/03/13
President Richard Mouw is mentioned in this article as being among those on the board of advisors for, “The Bible” series, a five-part, ten-hour miniseries produced by actress Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, which began airing March 3 at 8:00 p.m. on the History Channel.  

ReadMedia Newswire, “Dr. Nancey Murphy announced as Bitar Lecturer 03/01/13
Dr. Nancey Murphy spoke on March 20 and 21, 2013 for Geneva College's Dr. Byron I. Bitar Memorial Lecture in Philosophy, an annual event since 2004. The announcement reads: “Geneva College will host the greatly sought-after speaker for a public lecture series titled ‘Human Nature at the Intersection of Science, Religion, and Philosophy.’”   

Time Magazine (Europe), “U.S. Hispanics Are Becoming Less Catholic,” by Elizabeth Dias 03/01/13
Professor of Hispanic studies and pastoral leadership, Juan Martinez was quoted in this article regarding a Gallup poll released earlier this week that found the number of Hispanics who identify as Catholic in the US dropped from 58% to 54% between 2008 and 2012.  


Catholic News Agency, “Protestant scholar lauds Benedict’s ecumenical strides,” 02/25/13 
Mel Robeck, professor of Christian history and ecumenism at Fuller Theological Seminary, was quoted in this article, noting he appreciated Pope Benedict XVI’s commitment to ecumenism.       

Psychology Today, “The New Lepers Are Out To Gun You Down,” by Carlton Davis, 02/22/13 
This article makes mention of the one-day conference held at Fuller Seminary, “Facing the Crisis: Mental Illness and Gun Violence” sponsored by NAMI San Gabriel Valley, All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena, and Fuller Seminary, Feb. 11.      

Christianity Today, “Two Notable Missions Deaths: Photographer Don Rutledge and Fuller Seminary's Dean Gilliland,” by Melissa Steffan, 02/22/13 
This article highlights former Fuller Theological Seminary professor of contextualized theology and African studies Dean Gilliland, who died at age 84. Gilliland taught at Fuller for 24 years and retired in 2001.   

Los Angeles Times, “Human bones in Pasadena backyard may be tied to Santeria,” 02/20/13
Responding to the LAPD’s discovery of human and animal bones in the backyard of a Pasadena home at around 1 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16, Juan Martinez, director of Hispanic studies at Fuller Seminary, said courts have ruled that religious freedoms allow Santeria practitioners to include animal sacrifice in their rituals.      

Jewish Journal, “Feb. 16-22: Sacred Spaces II,” 2/13/13
A seminar for clergy, professionals and students as well as all those interested in sacred art, design and architecture, “What Makes Space Sacred?” will reflect on the use and meaning of sacred space in churches and synagogues.    

Christianity Today, “Why Evangelical Leaders Love Pope Benedict XVI (And His Resignation),” 2/13/13
This article emphasizes the humanity of Pope Benedict’s decision to resign, in his acknowledgement he couldn’t carry out the task.  The pope's tenure was troubled by some missteps, said President Richard Mouw.   

Southern California Public Radio, “Catholic Latinos increasingly find new faith in Pentecostalism,” 02/12/13
Juan Martinez
spoke on KPCC about the rise of Pentecostalism in Latin America.    

The Christian Century, “Evangelicals embrace a like-minded pope,” by Daniel Burke, 02/12/13
The Christian Century claims that although not all Catholics appreciated Pope Benedict XVI’s defense of Christian orthodoxy, traditional marriage, and life from conception to natural death, American evangelicals did.    

Associate Press, “Southern California Catholics make papal wish list,” 02/11/13
Responding in Light of Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation, Juan Martinez, Associate Provost for Diversity and International Programs, was quoted by the Associated Press regarding the Catholic demographic.    

News Talk 1070 AM KNTH, “CULTURE DIGEST: Catholics, 4 denominations reach baptism agreement,” 02/08/13 Catholics and four Protestant denominations in the Reformed tradition have publicly agreed to recognize the validity of each other's baptisms, citing a desire for unity and to accommodate families with more than one faith tradition.     

American Jewish Committee, “Shalom Hartman Institute Host Christian Scholars Retreat,” 02/06/13 Prof. James Butler, Assoc. Professor of Old Testament, is representing Fuller Seminary in Los Angeles, February 8-10, at the inaugural Christian Leadership Initiative (CLI) Alumni Study Retreat.    

Workplace Violence News, “Handbook for Battered Leaders,” 02/05/13Author Janis Bragan Balda (Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University) is professor of management, currently teaching at Fuller Seminary and UCLA Extension. With co-author, Wesley D. Balda, in “Handbook for Battered Leaders” they use Paul’s second letter to the Corinthian church as a “classic management case study,” identifying the contributing factors to organizational conflict, particularly in ministry.   


Auburn, “Faith, Money, Politics, and Citizens United: A way forward,” by Isaac Luria, 01/30/13
In the fall of 2012, Auburn Seminary began an effort to build an unusually diverse audience of faith leaders to support two state ballot initiatives calling for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United and to begin to grow a national faith constituency to reject the unrestricted flow of big money into political campaigns.  Rev. Juan Francisco Martínez, Ph.D., Associate Provost for Diversity and International Programs at Fuller, is listed as one of the signers of these initiatives., “Humanitarian Aid Workers in Uganda Show Signs of Stress, Depression, and Burnout,” 01/30/13
Fuller Seminary is listed along with Child Fund International, the Antares Foundation (a Dutch organization addressing stress issues in humanitarian workers), and the Centers for Disease Control as one of the institutions that collaborated research for a new study on the mental health of Ugandan workers at 21 humanitarian aid agencies.   The study found that a significant number of the staff at these organizations experienced high levels of symptoms for depression (68%), anxiety disorders (53%), and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) (26%), respectively.    

Christian Newswire, “Pastors' International Prayer Convocation for Revival in America,” 01/15/13On Sunday January 13 about thirty pastors from Los Angeles and the Philippine Islands held a Pastors' Prayer Convocation for Revival in America.  The commemoration included Rev. Mel Robeck, Ph.D., Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary.       

The Christian Post, “Evangelical Leaders Launch 40 Day Prayer Challenge for Immigration Reform,” by Napp Nazworth, 01/15/13 The Evangelical Immigration Table has launched the "I was a stranger" prayer challenge to encourage Christians to spend 40 days reflecting on scripture passages dealing with immigration and pray about what they read.  The Evangelical Immigration Table has a statement of principles, signed by many evangelical leaders across the country, including President Richard Mouw, calling for a bipartisan immigration reform based upon those principles.       

Patheos Blogs, “Theology & the Arts,” by Daniel A. Siedell, 01/15/13This blog post mentions William Dyrness from Fuller Seminary, as one of the academics engaged in conversation of Theology and the Arts, specifically regarding Transpositions, a collaborative on-line project of students associated with the Institute for Theology, Imagination, and the Arts at the University of St Andrews.       

USA Today, “Places to Go in Pasadena,” Travel Tips, 01/12/13 
Within the “Travel” tab on the USA Today website, a page devoted to Pasadena lists Fuller Seminary, along with Art Center College of Design, as one of the noted colleges in the area.  The page also makes mention of The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and numerous art museums.   

Patheos Blogs, “Why are holy scriptures so complicated?” 01/11/13
Donald Hagner,
a New Testament professor at Fuller Seminary is quoted in this blog on interpreting scripture.  

Digital Journal, “Walter Alan Ray Announces the Release of ‘Is God Unnecessary?’” 01/09/13
In “Is God Unnecessary?,” author and Fuller alum Walter Alan Ray presents several lucid reasons why scientist Stephen Hawking’s thesis--that the laws of physics make God unnecessary when explaining the origin of the universe--is mistaken.   

Before It's News, “Have You Ever Wondered What Compels Your Conservative Relatives to Vote the Way They Do?” by Jonathan Haidt, 01/08/13
Ryan Howes, Ph.D., psychologist, writer, musician, and clinical professor at Fuller Graduate School of Psychology, blogs “In Therapy” for Psychology Today.    

San Jose Mercury News, “Cellist strikes chord at benefit concert,” by Shannon Barry, 01/08/13The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School last month struck a powerful chord with 24-year-old cellist Yena Choi.  She plans to receive a music and ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in the Spring, 2013.   

The Associated Press, “Retired minister gives Psalms a modern twist,” 01/05/13
Rev. Jim Gustafson, a 78 year-old Fuller alum has been mentioned in numerous articles around the country because of his recent, “psalms/tweets: Psalms in Contemporary Style,” a 175-page spiral-bound book in which he rewrote all 150 psalms as tweets using slang and modern expressions.  

Christianity Today, “eHarmony Founder Leaves Retirement to Revive Dating Website,” by Melissa Steffan, 1/3/13
Neil Clark Warren, a former dean of psychology at Fuller Theological Seminary, founded eHarmony as a website for Christian singles in 2000. This article from CT says he is back in charge of the company he started, and wants to rebrand the online dating website as a "relationship site." 

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