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People ask many questions about how their lives relate to the world. What are our lives in this world about? Why are we here? These are human questions asked throughout history by those inside and outside the church.

–Mark Labberton

In this book you will find an opportunity to explore these questions, and you will be invited into personal reflection and action points as you discover what is stirring within you.

Called will spark your imagination, focus your thoughts and take you on an adventure into a revitalized understanding of where following Jesus could take you.

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All royalties from Called will support student scholarships at Fuller Theological Seminary

Praise for "Called"

"Too often we settle for a 'calling' that is really just sanctified individualism, paddling in the shallows of the self. This book pursues the deeper questions of flourishing, sacrifice, community and transformation that are the heart of the Christian life."

—Andy Crouch, executive editor, Christianity Today; author of Playing God

"Following Jesus is both the greatest opportunity and highest challenge ever afforded the human race. Mark Labberton sheds vivid light on life's ultimate path."

—John Ortberg, senior pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and author of Soul Keeping

"The New Community as heralded by Jesus seems completely alien to the present culture in which it resides . . . forgiving, loving, reconciling, serving and transparency, as virtues increasingly stand out in a world of barriers, posturing and communal disparity. A trusted cultural navigator and biblical guide, Mark Labberton identifies key principles and practices for the Christ-follower to not simply exist but to flourish. Road tested. If all one did was incorporate the end of chapter practices into their daily routine, the impact dividend would be earth transforming."

—Steve Haas, vice president chief catalyst, World Vision US

"Much of the most critical wisdom I have gleaned in my own life has come from the mentorship of Mark Labberton. Called brings together so many of the 'aha!' moments that so many have experienced from Mark's leadership, and offers these truly urgent insights in the form of a gift to anyone who opens this book. . . . This book needs to be read far and wide amongst followers of Jesus all over the world, because it clarifies in profound depths what we very most need to remember as we wake to each new day God gives. There is one call, and but One who calls, and the invitation to be answered is 'Follow Me.'"

—Bethany Hoang, IJM Institute for Biblical Justice, author of Deepening the Soul for Justice

"Reading Dr. Mark Labberton’s book Called is like taking a glass of cold water after a long, tedious and dreary journey on foot under the tropical African heat. Simply put: it is refreshing. It is re-assuring. It is practical. But it is also troubling . . . because the observations Mark makes are sadly true. There is a crisis of following Jesus today. Most of what we profess, our lives and attitudes and what we have become as Christians and churches, contradict our primary calling. Called is therefore a call to repentance. As I read each of the chapters, I cannot but cry out to Jesus: 'Lord have mercy; Christ have mercy; Lord have mercy.'"

—David Zac Niringiye, retired assistant bishop of the diocese of Kampala, Church of Uganda

"Mark Labberton is a source of wisdom and deep friendship to me personally and to the whole of IJM as we join God's invitation to seek justice in the world. In this latest book, Mark offers the gift of great clarity in the midst of urgency. Jesus beckons, 'Follow me' and he shows us the path—love. Love God, love your neighbor. Mark's teaching helps us understand this simple, powerful call to follow, to love. This is what we must most urgently know and do and live. This is the call that will transform the world as we answer."

—Gary Haugen, International Justice Mission, author of Good News About Injustice

"When I read Mark Labberton's writing I can almost hear Jesus say, 'Well, there it is. That's what I was literally dying to tell you.' This book is a call to free the church from its distractions in order to return to the most profound and basic question—what does it mean to follow Jesus?"

—M. Craig Barnes, president, Princeton Seminary

"Christian leadership should arise from a calling to God's kingdom rather than manipulated as a means to build a personal empire. Called challenges us to renew our calling to follow Jesus as servant leaders for God's kingdom. This important text offers us an opportunity to learn at the feet of a seasoned leader who offers insightful stories and practical application to spur us toward life as salt and light in the world."

—Soong-Chan Rah, North Park Theological Seminary, author of The Next Evangelicalism

"This book is a warm, visionary invitation to rediscover the joy of following Jesus. It resists simplistic dichotomies, unfolding a biblical vision that embraces both prayer and action, both the mundane and the extraordinary, both suffering and rejoicing, both global and local concerns, both individual and communal engagement. The book will serve as a compelling, generative resource for both individuals and congregations."

—John D. Witvliet, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Calvin College

"Called is a book that will call to you with a vision for a life well lived in God's presence in the world that God loves."

—Ruth Haley Barton, founder of the Transforming Center and author of Sacred Rhythms

"Mark Labberton uses fresh language and powerful word pictures to give readers easy access to deep truth. What a gift! Called is fine food for both the head and the heart. He extends a compelling invitation to live out the large life of Jesus in a world that is at once both beautiful and broken. He emphasizes the fact that you can't live this life alone. It can only be lived in the close company of others who have heard the call of Jesus to simply 'Follow me.'"

—Denny Rydberg, president, Young Life

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All royalties from Called will support student scholarships at Fuller Theological Seminary

About Author Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton is president of Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, the largest evangelical seminary in the world. He previously served as Lloyd John Ogilvie Chair for preaching and director of the Lloyd John Ogilvie Institute for Preaching. Prior to that Labberton was senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Berkeley, California. He also previously served as chair of John Stott Ministries.

Today he continues to contribute to the mission of the global church as a senior fellow of the International Justice Mission. He is the author of The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor and The Dangerous Act of Worship.

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All royalties from Called will support student scholarships at Fuller Theological Seminary
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