The Lowell W. Berry Center for Lifelong Learning is supported by a generous grant from the  Lowell W. Berry Foundation. For over 40 years, the Lowell Berry Foundation has supported Fuller in continuing education for pastors, layleaders and congregations.

Mission Statement

The Berry Center endeavors:

To foster learning environments for clergy and congregations that cultivate spiritual formation, and missional imaginations and practices, through the interplay of seminary and congregations.

Advanced Ministerial Training

If you're looking for advanced training in ministry, visit our Doctor of Ministry Program page or our Advanced Diploma in Ministry Leadership page.

Audit a Doctor of Ministry Course

Are you looking to audit a Doctor of Ministry course? Click here for more information .

Fuller Formation Groups

Fuller Formation Groups provide an opportunity for church, mission, and marketplace leaders to deepen their spiritual and leadership formation in community with others. Each group consists of 10 to 12 men and women and features quarterly retreats, monthly meetings, and weekly content engagement—taking place over a period of 13 to 14 months. Different types of groups are offered to meet differing needs, but all will guide their members to more fruitfully engage God’s kingdom work in the world. Click here for more info!

Continuing Education Materials

If you're looking for distance learning materials, the Berry Center for Lifelong Learning recommends the Capstone Curriculum from The Urban Ministry Institute. Graduates of this program can gain admission into many of Fuller's master's degrees.

Fuller Youth Institute

If you're looking for training in youth ministry, Fuller Youth Institute has a variety of programs to choose from.

Micah Groups

Join a movement of empowered, wise preachers who live and lead at the convergence of worship, preaching, and justice. Click here for information.

School for Pastors

If you're looking for the School for Pastors video series, go to

Church Planting Certificate

If you are currently engaged in or sense a strong calling to church planting and seek a deeper theological and practical foundation for your work, Fuller's Certificate in Church Planting is ideal for you.

Advanced Missiological Training

Fuller's Doctorate of Missiology degree is a cohort-based and non-residential program designed for in-service leaders with 5 or more years of significant missional experience. 

Theology and the Arts

The Brehm Center is a spiritually nurturing community that guides and resources Christian leaders to critically engage culture, explore their calling, and creatively integrate worship, theology, and the arts.

Fuller Events

Click here to see the variety of lectures, conferences and other events featuring Fuller faculty, staff and students.

Other Fuller Resources

You can find more resources and articles at

Soul Care Institute

This two year program integrates Spiritual Direction, Life Coaching, Counseling and Discipleship to help ministry leaders thrive. The Berry Institute offers a Certificate of Completion for this program. Soul Care can also be incorporated into a Fuller DMIN degree. Contact for more information.

Center for Lifelong Learning Archives

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