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Fuller Seminary in Colorado

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...God is calling us to be a missionary people to our own culture... 

We are living in a time of monumental change.  The world that is unfolding presents enormous challenges to those in ministry.  Christianity is now only one of many options available to consumers in the spiritual market place. An emerging generation of leaders is rising up to meet the leadership challenges of what it will take to become a missionally effective church.  These leaders are not satisfied with status quo.  They are passionately committed to following Jesus Christ in their lives and ministry.  This passion drives them to minister outside the church in a world that is not part of the church culture.  These missional leaders require training to walk with God's people through a confusing and complex time of change and transition.  And, they will be asked to reconnect people inside and outside the church with the transforming power of Gospel of Jesus Christ.

At Fuller Colorado we are equipping missional leaders for the work of the Kingdom.  We hope that you will join us as we seek to equip you for the journey as we all strive to serve God more faithfully for the work of the Kingdom.

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