G. “Tommy” Givens

Assistant Professor of New Testament StudiesSchool of Theology

Contact Information
BA, University of Northern Colorado
MA, Talbot School of Theology
ThD, Duke University

George “Tommy” Givens joined the Fuller faculty in 2010. He holds a ThD in Theological Ethics and New Testament, an MA in New Testament, and a BA in Spanish Language and Literature. Having previously taught theology at Centro Teológico Al-Ándalus in Spain, he teaches courses at Fuller in Spanish as well as English.

In addition to New Testament studies and theological ethics, Givens's research interests include Christian nonviolence, political theory, and Scriptural reasoning for Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations. He is a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, the Society of Christian Ethics, the American Academy of Religion, and the Society of Scriptural Reasoning.

Courses Taught

  • NS500: Introduction to the Gospels
  • NS501: Introduction to Acts-Revelation
  • NE502: Exegetical Method and Practice
  • NE506: Greek Exegesis of Matthew
  • NE506: Greek Exegesis of Romans
  • NT556: Jesus, the Church, and Violence
  • ET501: Christian Ethics

Areas of Expertise, Research, Writing, and Teaching:

New Testament, theological ethics, Christian nonviolence, political theory, scriptural reasoning for Jewish-Christian-Muslim relations



  • We the People: Israel and the Catholicity of Jesus (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2014).


  • “Torn Between Earth and Sky: National Jewish Homeland,” Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies. 34.4 (2016): 53-70.
  • “Hermenéutica colonialista,” in Conversaciones Teológicas del Sur Global Americano: Violencia, Desplazamiento y Fe, ed. Milton Acosta and Oscar García-Johnson (Eugene: Puertas Abiertas/Wipf & Stock, 2016), 132-140.
  • “My Father’s Body: Things We Should Say about Death,” Fuller magazine 2 (2015): http://fullermag.com/fathers-body/.
  • “Questioning the Regime of Orthodoxy: A Review Essay of ‘The Heterodox Yoder’ by Paul Martens.” Journal of Scriptural Reasoning (November 2014), http://jsr.shanti.virginia.edu/volume-13-number-2-november-2014-navigating-john-howard-yoders-the-jewish-christian-schism-revisited/questioning-the-regime-of-orthodoy-a-review-of-paul-martens-the-heterodox-yoder/.
  • “NT Scholars Discuss Missional Hermeneutics.” Co-authored with James Thompson. Missio Dei: A Journal of Missional Theology and Praxis 5, vol. 1 (February 2014): http://missiodeijournal.com/article.php?issue=md-5-1&author=md-5-1-thompson-givens.
  • “Reimagining the Gospel in Relationship, Part 2: The Gospel in Youth Ministry.” Co-authored with Steven Argue. FYI: Fuller Youth Institute E-Journal 10 Issue 3 (February 2014): http://fulleryouthinstitute.org/articles/part-2-the-gospel-in-relationship.
  • “Reimagining the Gospel in Relationship, Part 1: What Does the Gospel Mean for Teenagers and Friendship?” FYI: Fuller Youth Institute E-Journal 10 Issue 2 (January 2014): http://fulleryouthinstitute.org/articles/reimagining-the-gospel-in-relationship-part-1.
  • “Good Soil for Growth in Scriptural Ethics: A Review Essay on The Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics.” Journal of Theological Interpretation 6 (2012): 307-320.
  • “The Election of Israel and the Politics of Jesus: Revisiting John Howard Yoder’s The Jewish Christian Schism Revisited.” Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics 31 (2011): 75-92.
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