Giving to Fuller ought to be first priority for people looking to deepen the presence of Christ in our culture. People used to rely on the church to be the presence of Christianity in the form of brick and mortar buildings. But we see a significant trend of people coming to Fuller because they feel the need for Christ in their friends and coworkers and the culture around them. They want to be empowered to share their faith wherever they happen to work. The Christian is the presence of Jesus in the world, and our goal at Fuller is to empower every job as a ministry and every individual faith as deserving of the kind of scholarship that deepens and expands it. Thank you for being part of this. 

- Mark Labberton


Why Give?

Tuition and fees cover only a portion of educational costs—the remainder must come from gifts and endowment earnings. The support of alumni and friends like you enables Fuller to carry out its mission to equip leaders from around the world, regardless of their financial needs. When you make a gift to the Fuller Fund—our $2.5 million annual initiative to support student scholarships and more—you are helping advance God’s kingdom through the work and ministries of these future leaders. And when you pledge a regular gift to the Fuller Fund, your investment multiplies even further.
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