Fuller no longer offers the MA in Family Studies degree program to incoming students. If you’ve come to this page because of an interest in the MAFS, you have other educational options at Fuller that we encourage you to explore:

MS in Marital and Family Therapy (MSMFT): a two-year, cohort-based program that prepares students to work with families, couples, and individuals

MA in Theology and Ministry (MATM): a two- to three-year, practice-based program that combines biblical teaching, personal formation, and hands-on learning

MA in Theology (MAT): a two- to three-year, highly customizable program providing a deep theological foundation to support a variety of vocational goals

MATM and MAT students may choose from several emphasis options—including Youth, Family, and Culture or Children at Risk—that enable them to customize their degree.


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For more information and to discuss which program might be right for you, please contact our Admissions Office.

Our offices are open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm, and 10am to 5pm on Friday (Pacific Time).