About Us

The Call Discernment Office is Fuller Theological Seminary's bridge between academic studies and real-life ministry. Over the course of their apprenticeships students will learn to effectively engage contextual Christian ministry, integrating their academic work with their calling to God's mission in the world.

Academic Advising: The Call Discernment Office will also help you with your academic advising needs—questions about your degree program, emphasis requirements, transfer credit, waiver exams, online limits, academic petitions, or similar questions or concerns. Call us at 626.584.5425 or email advising@fuller.edu

As an active part of the overall mission of Fuller Theological Seminary, Call Discernment helps students transition into ministry positions as thoughtful practitioners and engaged theologians.

Click through the orange links on this page for more information about Apprenticeships at Fuller, to contact us, or get started with your apprenticeship.

**About Apprenticeship Proposals: Your proposal paperwork will be reviewed once it is received. If your proposal is approved, you will receive your CRN to register. Also, if you need assistance finding a site for your apprenticeship or questions regarding the proposal or process please contact us so we can assist you. You can also view our job board, where many organizations post various apprenticeship/practicum opportunities.

** Beginning Winter 2016, students will be submitting proposals not applications.

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